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  2. During onboarding, we will craft the perfect plans for your patients and practice.

  3. When you’re ready to launch your plans to patients, change the status of the plan from draft to live.

  4. Patient billing is handled automatically through the software with a merchant service account set up prior to, or during onboarding.

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Monthly/Annual Subsciptions

Give the patients the power to choose how they want to pay. We will manage their payments and renewals and ensure their plan is current

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Custom Branding

For your patients, it's not a FFS Profits plan they are signing up for, they are signing up for your dental office's home grown plan


The famed PPO Profits support

The team that helps you build the plan is extremely experienced in dentistry and have often been in your shoes. We provide the know-how on how to build an in-office membership plan from the ground up

Why FFS Profits

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Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

We make it simple to enroll, charge, and allow the patients to manage their payment card to keep card current

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Cost effective

There is a lot of subscription fatigue. Everything in dentistry is $299/month+.

In-office membership plans often charge per patient as well. Not with us!
We keep it simple

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Easy plan designs

Super easy to design plans! Child, adult, or perio, we have the best templates that work for you to start designing a plan.

You can be up and running in 10 minutes with an in-office plan



Setup fee: $0
Monthly fee: $99
Per patient charge: $0


The basics

What exactly are dental membership plans?

Membership plans are care plans that dental practices offer directly to patients. Patients pay a subscription fee to your practice. You design the plan(s) and set the pricing. Most plans typically include preventive/diagnostic treatment categories and additional discounts on other treatments. What is offered within each plan is entirely up to you!

Is this like dental insurance?

No, it's better. Unlike dental insurance, there are no waiting periods, frequency limitations, annual max, etc.. Very simply, create a monthly and/or annual membership cost for your custom membershp plan for your cash patients. On the plan, simply put the discounted cost for services. Note that most plans offer hygiene visits included in the cost of the membership. Have your cash patients sign up for your in-office membership plan and they use the benefits of your plan in your office!

Can my patient use this plan elsewhere?

No. This is designed for your office only which is why it builds the strong loyalty. Patients that have a membership plan or dental insurance simply visit the dentist more often than patients who do not.

Why FFS Profits and not the many other similar software/services

In all candor, we believe that an in-house membership plan should be super easy and uber cost effective. We have designed it to make it as simple as possible and one that can be easily setup in your office in 10 minutes. We really believe that dental offices shouldn't overthink an in-office membership plan. We at PPO Profits believe that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication and the hallmark of our success. For a flat low monthly fee, you would have a custom plan that you have begin offering immediately! Lemon squeezy!


Do Membership Plans work for group dental practices?

Yes! Our software offers powerful features that benefit your dental organization, and each practice’s needs, to design a rewarding and profitable membership program. We make it simple for your group practice to create, launch, and grow membership plan programs in each office clinic or location. Our dynamic software allows for custom plans and pricing for each office and provides robust analytics, displaying key insights into the performance at the group and office levels.

Can I customize my own membership plans?

Yes! Design a plan from scratch, or use one of our provided templates, available in the Provider Portal. Easily edit plans to show exactly what your practice would like to offer. Plan customization includes ✓ Plan name ✓ Age limitations ✓ Perio eligibility ✓ Annual and/or monthly plan pricing for patients ✓ Additional family discounts ✓ Treatment offered ✓ Additional treatment discounts ✓ Terms and conditions for each plan …and more!

Can I offer membership plans billed yearly and/or monthly to my patients?

Yes. For each plan, choose if you’d like to offer annual and/or monthly plan billing to your patients. These fields are customizable, allowing you to enter different fee amounts for annual billing and monthly billing.


Does FFS Profits offer any reporting or KPIs?

Key insights and metrics are provided to track performance of membership plans and revenue. The dashboard is thorough, yet simplistic. The reporting gives you exactly what you are looking for, leaving out unnecessary charts for you and your team to sort through.

Is your software HIPAA compliant?

FFS Profits membership plan software is HIPAA compliant and PCI secure. Each office will be provided a BAA upon signing up, which can also be accessed from here.

Is support provided?

Our support team is available Monday through Friday, 8am- 5pm CT, and can be reached by email at or by phone at (800) 613-1695 ext. 114

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